Pastor John's Last Sermon

Dr. John B. Wright, Pastor Emeritus of Little Rock's First Baptist Church delivered a Facebook Live sermon on Thursday, October 1, 2020 to a world-wide audience including is beloved children Phillip, Jonya, and Patty, friends from Chenal Pines, and Hospice Home Care. The sermon was broadcast live from the Comfort Care Center on Bowman Road in Little Rock.

In years past, Brother John, a Baptist preacher for 69 years enjoyed missionary work abroad. Following his retirement from First Baptist, he served four years as a missionary in Seoul, South Korea with his wife Jeanne. In later years, he has enjoyed preaching for his friends at Chenal Pines Retirement Resort, and now sharing God's Word to new friends at Hospice Home Care's Comfort Care Center. Today, Bro. John's mission field will potentially reach just as far as it ever has, and it is with great pleasure that we can hear a Word from the Lord brought by Dr. John B. Wright.


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Facing the end of life can be hard. Facing it alone, in the absence of family, friends, financial resources and qualified caregivers, is even harder.

The Tribute of Life Foundation believes that everyone deserves to complete their journey in a warm, clean bed, surrounded by people who care deeply about meeting their medical, social, emotional and spiritual needs. Through our 'No One is Alone' initiative, we are committed to funding two beds in the Comfort Care Center for people who could not afford it otherwise.

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