Our Values

The first question people typically ask about our company is: “What makes you different?”

Our response is Hospice Home Care Brand Values; it’s how we will meet, greet and treat all those we serve. It is the heart and caring of our team. “It is how we engage together to deliver and share our mission to all who need us.” - Cathy Carollo, RN, BSN, MA, CEO

With every person we encounter each day, our team demonstrates how we Care by taking time to Connect with patients and their families. We Ask questions to better understand the unique needs of each person and Affirm by thanking them for allowing us to care.

Each Hospice Home Care associate has been carefully screened and selected by a team of clinical and branch office leaders to wear our badge and serve our patients and families. Selected associates live out the values we share with everyone we serve each day. We are challenged to complete our own Advanced Care Plan or Five Wishes document so that we can help others prepare. We also help people to find Hospice when the time is right for them.

Our associates demonstrate daily how they are ambassadors of caring opportunities. Take a look at one of our ‘Best Day Ever’ stories to get an idea of how we strive to ‘add life to each and every day’ for our patients. We embrace caring for vulnerable and frail patients and families during a season when memories and emotions are heightened. Hospice Home Care associates exhibit the highest standards of care by serving patients at the last stage of life.

Our patients and family experience is impacted greatly by distinct events we reference as “Moments of Truth” in Hospice Care:

  • Admission Encounter: How we in hospice align and manage expectations during the transition to hospice care.
  • The Patient’s Final Hours: We are committed to being with our patients and families when possible.

Hospice Home Care has a special way of recognizing and honoring those we care for at our Comfort Care Center. Our final tribute is a White Rose Ceremony, where the family is presented with a white rose and team members line the hallway in silence to honor the patients and families as they depart the building. Although we see death regularly, it is our privilege to honor those we serve.

One family member wrote as a testimonial in our Guest Book; “I honestly could not have imagined a more peaceful, kind end to my Dad’s life. Having much of the staff line up with us in the front hallway to see my Dad off after he died was a very moving experience; I will cherish the memory of it for the rest of my life.”


Join a group of truly amazing people in your community who are giving their time and talents to create better days for hospice patients and their families.

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To speak with a Registered Nurse about palliative and hospice services, locations, or to schedule an appointment, call the Clinical Responsiveness Center at (501) 558-4100 or toll-free at (844) 558-4100.

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Hospice Home Care would be happy to speak with you about palliative and hospice services for yourself or a loved one.

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Tribute of Life Foundation module

Comfort and peace on the end of life’s journey

tribute of life foundation

Facing the end of life can be hard. Facing it alone, in the absence of family, friends, financial resources and qualified caregivers, is even harder.

The Tribute of Life Foundation believes that everyone deserves to complete their journey in a warm, clean bed, surrounded by people who care deeply about meeting their medical, social, emotional and spiritual needs. Through our 'No One is Alone' initiative, we are committed to funding two beds in the Comfort Care Center for people who could not afford it otherwise.

To learn more about the Foundation, or to partner with us financially, just click one of the buttons below.

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